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The Water Council of Bengawan Solo was set up to improve coordination and management

The Bengawan Solo basin is the largest on the island of Java. Administratively it is shared by two provinces, Central and East Java, and is jointly managed by Jasa Tirta Public Corporation I (PJT I) and Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Bengawan Solo (BBWS-BS).


Since the river basin covers two provinces, ensuring cross-boundary coordination to address the various problems has been a challenge. The Water Council of Bengawan Solo basin, established in 2009, is responsible for identifying the needs and opportunities for improving basin management, providing policy guidance, and undertaking strategic planning and implementation. The Council derives its mandate from the Water Resources Law and reports to the Minister of Public Works and the governors of Central Java and East Java provinces. The Council is one of the first multi-stakeholder platforms for basin management in Indonesia.


This is an excerpt of a case study from WaterWealth, a publication on basin management across Asia and the Pacific. WaterWealth is available for download on the

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