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Los Angeles River Revitalisation - Web Portal

Los Angeles City Council Ad Hoc Committee on the LA River

The LA City has created a "one-stop shop" web portal that encourages users of all ages to learn about the latest events related to its landmark resource: The Los Angeles River. This website is comprehensive, with many resources about the River and its watershed.The website provides wide-ranging information.

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Sacramento River Watershed Program

Founded in 1996, the Sacramento River Watershed Program brings together dozens of groups and thousands of people, concerned about the health of the Sacramento River and its watershed. Covering 27,000 square miles from the Oregon border to the Delta, the Sacramento River Watershed covers most of northern California, linking every aspect of life in the region.

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Great Salt Lake, Utah (USGS)

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has measured the elevation of Great Salt Lake since 1875 and conducted many studies on the hydrology, salinity, water quality, and ecology of the lake. Currently, the USGS operates lake elevation gages at Saltair Marina, Saline (north arm), and on the railroad causeway near Promontory Point.

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The Bear River Commission's Website

The Bear River Commission was created in 1958 pursuant to the Bear River Compact (as amended PL 96-189) between the states of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. The Commission is composed of nine gubernatorial appointed Commissioners, three from each of the signatory states, as well as a Federal Commissioner appointed by the President, who serves as Chairman without vote.

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Bear River Watershed Information System

As part of a Targeted Watersheds Grant sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Utah State University developed this Watershed Information System (WIS) for the Bear River in collaboration with the Bear River Commission, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming Departments of Environmental Quality, and a number of other interested stakeholders.

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