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A wetland once leased to private parties now belongs to the community

Lying in northeast Bangladesh, the Tanguar Haor wetland forms part of the wetland and floodplain complex of the Surma and Kushiyara river basins. About half of Tanguar Haor’s area comprises waterbodies and almost a third cropland. The wetland provides habitats for many different species of waterbirds and fish.


IUCN Bangladesh, in 2006, on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, launched the Community-based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Hoar Project with funds from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Over a period of two years, the project has enabled communities in Tanguar Haor to negotiate and implement measures for managing the wetland and improving their livelihoods. A particular achievement has been the transfer of fishing rights from private parties to the local communities involved in management. Tanguar Haor is overseen by a successful co-management body with representatives from central and local government, and the local communities.


This is an excerpt of a case study from WaterWealth, a publication on basin management across Asia and the Pacific. WaterWealth is available for download on the

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