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Arvari river - A River Reborn (awarded the `International River Prize' in 2004) & Rajendra Singh "Waterman of India"

A Documentary by Earthcare on Tarun Bharat Sangh's work of rain water conservation and subsequently leading to the rejuvenation of the once dried river arvari. The river was awarded the `International River Prize' in 2004.

A documentary by CNN on Sri Rajendra Singh aka Waterman, Chairman of Tarun Bharat Sangh, Alwar, Rajasthan.

Water Abundance for California - Interview with Rajendra Singh, the "Water Man" from India

Rajendra Singh, water specialist and 2015 Stockholm water prize awardee, created a large-scale model for sustainable water management in Rajasthan, India, restoring 8600 square km of desert into lush abundant nature. This interview was filmed on September 28th 2015 at the Ojai Foundation near Los Angeles, facilitated by Martin Winiecki, documented by Naila von Mendelssohn, during a rare US visit by Rajendra. Prior to that, he participated in the "Walking Water" pilgrimage in Owens Valley (https://walking-water.org) and carried out joint events with Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera during the Terra Nova event tour through the United States (https://terranova.tamera.org).



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