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Ganges-Brahamaputra Delta (16)

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Riverine People is a leading youth based civil society initiative promoting citizen stewardship of national and international rivers, estuaries and other inshore wetlands in Bangladesh since 2010. Its prime focus is building knowledge-based river-leadership in river movement; it was initiated by the spirit or youth- a group of fresh graduates and young professional who are personally committed and sensitive to riverine cause.

Inspired by our collaboration with the global Waterkeeper Alliance movement, we are introducing the Buriganga Riverkeeper in Bangladesh to save one of our most critical fresh water resources: the Buriganga River. Led by the country’s first Buriganga Riverkeeper, Sharif Jamil, this ground-breaking initiative aims to organize and engage stakeholders across the social and political ...

Lying in northeast Bangladesh, the Tanguar Haor wetland forms part of the wetland and floodplain complex of the Surma and Kushiyara river basins. About half of Tanguar Haor’s area comprises waterbodies and almost a third cropland. The wetland provides habitats for many different species of waterbirds and fish.

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