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The Connecticut River Watershed Council

"The Connecticut River Watershed Council advocates for the entire, four-state Connecticut River watershed. We work to protect water—the river, its tributaries, lakes, fish; and the land, plants, and creatures connected to that water. We work to keep them safe now, and for future generations. It is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously."
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Connecticut River Joint Commissions

"The Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire is home to a remarkable partnership among the governments in the two states, businesses, farmers, conservationists, and other citizens from many walks of life. Working together through the Connecticut River Joint Commissions, they seek to build a strong and vibrant economy while conserving the natural wealth and beauty of this special place...

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The Saco River Corridor Commission

The Saco River Corridor Commission is committed to protecting public health, safety, and quality of life for the state of Maine. The commission regulates land and water uses, protects and conserves the region’s unique and exceptional natural resources, and prevents detrimental impacts caused by incompatible development. The commission was established in 1973.


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L'Autorité du Bassin du Niger (ABN) est l'une des plus anciennes Organisations Inter gouvernementales Africaines si l'on fait remonter sa création à 1964 à Niamey sous sa forme originale qui était la Commission du Fleuve Niger. La Commission du Fleuve Niger a fonctionné pendant 17 ans et ses résultats furent jugés insuffisants...
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Cathance River Education Alliance

The Cathance River Education Alliance was created in 2000 as part of a land-use agreement between Highland Green Developer John Wasileski and the Topsham Citizen group, Topshams Future. It quickly became a living partnership that included the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, area educators, various members of Highland Green residents and interested area citizens.
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