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The Wear Rivers Trust

The mission of the Wear Rivers Trust is to conserve, protect, rehabilitate and improve the landscape and watercourses of the whole River Wear catchment, from the watershed to the estuarine and adjacent coastal areas, through involving individuals, local communities, government agencies and public bodies with proactive improvement works and monitoring, and by increasing awareness and understanding...
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North Saskatchewan River Basin Council

Source waters in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed consist of wetlands, sloughs, lakes, rivers and groundwater aquifers. These provide for our drinking water and support agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and other manufacturing industries. Source water is an important resource for ensuring healthy, fumctioning ecosystem and maintaining cultural assets.

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The Trinity River Authority of Texas

The Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district providing water and wastewater treatment, along with recreation and reservoir facilities, for municipalities within the nearly 18,000-square-mile Trinity River basin. TRA also maintains a master plan for basin-wide development, and serves as a conduit for tax-exempt financing for municipal projects and as a local sponsor for federal water projects.

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Red River Basin Commission (RRBC)


To develop a Red River Basin integrated natural resources framework plan; to achieve commitment to implement the framework plan; and to work toward a unified voice for the Red River Basin.

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