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Neman (Nemunas) (8)

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DESIRE: Development of sustainable peatland management by restoration and paludiculture for nutrient retention in the Neman river catchment The project „DESIRE“, supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 for 2.5 years, started in January 2019. The project is confirmed as a flagship project of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Policy Area Nutri and strongly contributes to the aims of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

Lithuania, the same as neighbouring countries, during the last 60 years has experienced loss of nature conserving agricultural activities. These processes left Southern Lithuania’s landscape with a low water body density and a rapidly ongoing natural succession on abandoned agricultural areas. Such loss of open, extensively used habitats threatens amphibian and reptile species (Habitats Directive)

The scenery of the Nemunas delta, with its two main arms, Atmata and Skirvyt?, and the island Rusn?, which they surround, is unique. Water is omnipresent and dominates the landscape: river arms branching out, the big lagoon lake Krok? Lanka and many other small lakes, all interwoven. You can also find ancient river beds, swamps and marshes.

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