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Mali - Disordered Climate, Confused Identity

The evolving identity of individuals and communities in the face of climate change, the case of fishermen and rice farmers in Mali.

The World Bank's Social Development Department, together with the Agriculture and Rural Development Department, and external partners undertook a work program on Local Institutions and Climate Change to address the importance of strong local institutions and their long-term presence in successful implementation of community-based adaptation strategies.

Supported by the Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program, and the Trust Fund for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development (Norway-Finland), series of activities were carried out in partnership with the Bank's regional departments from Africa, Latin America and Middle East regions and the World Bank Institute.

These short videos were prepared in coordination with the World Bank Institute and the local task teams to highlight some of the individual case studies in participating countries. They document some of the challenges of climate risks faced at the local level and show collective local response mechanisms.


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