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Watershed basin agencies and more rain for Morocco (UNDP)

A UNDP clip: Morocco doesn't get much rain. Average annual rainfall stands at approximately 1,000 millimetres. At the same time, the country's economy, which relies significantly on agriculture, is highly dependent on water. Water shortages have become persistent and should be taken into consideration when devising future water resource management policies.

Watershed basin agencies have been created to address these challenges. The purpose in establishing watershed basin agencies is to arrive at an integrated, sustainable, decentralized, and participatory form of water management. The agencies' mission consists of assessing, planning, and managing water resources in the country's water basins.

Agencies may grant loans, aid or subsidies to any person investing in water-resource development or conservation. Their funding comes from fees collected from water users, as well as from borrowed funds, subsidies and donations. Thanks to the flexibility of these agencies, all water users can benefit from their financial support and technical assistance.


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