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Risking the River? Perspectives on Nile Basin Cooperation

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) has achieved a lot since its establishment in 1999. For the first time ever, NBI has provided Nile riparian countries an all-inclusive platform for dialogue, consultation and confidence building; a platform for technical capacity building, investment promotion and transboundary water resource planning and management taking the entire Nile as one hydrologic unit. Given the threat of climate change impacts on the fragile and finite Nile and given the growing pressure the river is to sustain due to population and economic growth, there is no alternative to regional cooperation. No country is strong enough to manage these challenges unilaterally. Hence, the need for sustaining these gains, even more the need for broadening and deepening Nile Basin Cooperation. The film highlights these issues and puts forth a robust argument why Nile Basin Cooperation matters.


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