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Nyanga River - Natural Heritage

The Nyanga ands more specifically the Moukalaba-Doudou National Park region have very diverse landscapes that alternate primary and secondary forests, grassland or dense bush savannas, rivers, ponds, swamps and raphia or papyrus forests. The Nyanga River - whose basin irrigates forests and savannas - runs through the region as well as many rivers among which the Moukalaba that runs through Doussala.

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This ecoregion, with few water bodies and rivers, represents the most arid part of the Transcaspian area. The arid rivers are characterized by low flow, uneven regime, and considerable fluctuations in the intensity of flow in the off-season. The fauna of inland water bodies is impoverished and mainly contains species that migrate or occasionally enter from the sea.

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The Stikine River originates in the Cassiar and Stikine Mountains of northwestern British Columbia and drains a 51,000-square-kilometre basin before crossing the border with the United States on the Alaska Panhandle and discharging through several channels into the Pacific. The upper portion of the river basin is a semi-arid plateau of up to 1,900 metres in elevation,

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Etang de Berre - Un territoire a defendre

Eau cristalline et pinède, les pieds dans l'eau, Bieuzy Mauffret et Cédric Bordes connaissent les bons coins de l'étang. Si l'on fantasme naturellement beaucoup sur les tropiques, l'hexagone regorge lui aussi de coins de paradis et parfois là où les wind surfeurs les attendent le moins. Jean Souville reporter-photographe de Wind, s'est penché sur le cas d'un plan d'eau intérieur du sud de la France avec des stats de vent incroyables.

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