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Lockhart River : Arborgiginal Shire Council

There is a tremendous movement taking place in Lockhart River to preserve the traditional knowledge of all of the cultural groups which reside in the community. With the Elders getting older, it is imperative that traditional knowledge is accurately recorded for both the benefit of future generations of Lockhart River children and Australian historical records as a whole.
Traditional knowledge can encompass many things such as stories, ceremonies and the location of significant cultural sites including old walking tracks and hunting grounds. It can also take different forms (physical culture: ceremonies, places and sites and verbal culture: stories, names and language). In order for this knowledge to be recorded, stored, effectively maintained and protected, many people within the community must be actively involved. The Kawadji Kanindji Land and Sea Centre are working with Traditional Owners to assist them to pass on this vital knowledge. One way the rangers of the centre are doing this, is to take the Elders on country, set up camps and organise for traditional knowledge to be passed on by the Elders to young people and sometimes rangers from within that cultural group. Young people of all ages are further engaged in this process through participation in the centre’s education programs and being involved in a range of caring for country activities such as beach clean ups, youth camps, research sessions and mentoring.


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