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Wetlands Conservation as Risk Mitigation, by SCW-ARC

What role can farmers play in "wise use" of wetlands?

• Farmers are encouraged to understand the importance of wetlands in their water resource planning and development.

• They should familiarize themselves with national and provincial legislation that promotes the conservation of wetlands.

• They should not purposefully apply farming practices which can damage the hydrology of a wetland, e.g. draining, ploughing, trampling or over-grazing that can result in erosion (without authorization).

• Stop erosion in wetlands by blocking drains and dongas

• And to rewet the wetland and to lift the water table

• Invasive plants should be removed in the wetlands because

• Infrastructure should be well planned, e.g. allowing enough space for water to flow under a road and building structures that will prevent erosion.

Wetlands are an important water source in South Africa and must be protected. Because wetlands: mitigate flood and drought damage, improves the quantity and quality of water, conserves biodiversity and thus improves carbon sequestration especially in peat lands.


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