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The River Awareness Kit Approach - Mekong River

The River Awareness Kit (RAK) is an approach to information sharing pioneered in the Mekong River Basin by Hatfield Consultants. RAKs are interactive web-based tools aimed at local river basin institutions and stakeholders. Their purpose is to facilitate an inclusive and transparent approach to IWRM at a river basin level.

In many transboundary river basins, information and data specific to the river system and its people are disparate and inaccessible. A River Awareness Kit (RAK) present a unique approach to develop a range of interactive tools, capacity-development programs, environmental information services, and remote sensing and GIS services. River Awareness Kits (RAKs) present relevant information, graphics and maps about the river basin in an interactive and user-friendly fashion. The user-driven approach employed in developing a River Awareness Kit (RAK) helps to facilitate stakeholder involvement and ownership in the process.


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